Marble has stains from placing a glass of water.

Problems with stains from placing a glass of water on a counter or marble table

It is another one of the many problems that can be found from many customers of SILPMARBLE.

Because marble, granite countertops or countertops do not have

a waterproofing coating on their surfaces or maybe it’s because

the long-term use causes the waterproofing coating to deteriorate.

causing many customers to place a glass of water or cook food with highly

acidic ingredients?such as lime and lemon, making the table or counter

of marble, granite Can cause stains or blemishes.

Many customers often solve problems by buying a solution to

remove stains.Most of these solutions are unable to make

the stains fade away?and in some cases,

it makes the stains more pronounced.



Solution is to be polished by skilled technicians with marble polishing blade

We need to polish the stains from the glass of water.

Until the color of marble and granite is even.

Stain removers can’t help you in some cases.

It is necessary to polish the surface of the stone.

the problem is solved correctly, quickly and without causing

the budget to escalate.

If you are facing this problem You can always come and ask.

Free consultation at no cost.


Therefore, customers can trust Silpmarble’s stone polishing team.

Whether polishing marble granite polishing synthetic stone polishing

even polishing concrete.The Silpmarble team can take care of it all.

interested customers.

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